Marijuana Drug Charge in Texas

Possession of marijuana is a misdemeanor charge at a minimum under Texas law. Although most minor marijuana possession charges can be dealt with effectively and efficiently, heavier charges with intent to sell involving larger quantities are very serious. 

The legal definition of marijuana possession is explained by the Texas Health and Safety Code. Marijuana resides in its own legal category regarding possession law, and marijuana possession is defined as any Cannabis sativa plant regardless if it’s growing actively or not. The seeds of the plant are also included in the definition along with any preparation of the plant, even just as shredded buds or in the form of a joint. 

What to Expect from a Marijuana Possession Charge in Texas?

If this is your first offense possessing less than 2 ounces of marijuana, the chances are higher of being able to work out a deal. Perhaps if your defense attorney is able to arrange for you to go to a drug treatment program, the case might even be dismissed. Diversion and drug rehab programs are meant to help first-time marijuana offenders in Texas avoid harsher sentences. 

Some counties in Texas also have drug courts. The court will intervene with intensive monitoring of drug use and mandate other programs in exchange for diminishing the marijuana possession charge. For those who feel like they might have a marijuana addiction, agreeing to a drug treatment program can be a great option as part of their plea agreement. 

Overall, your goal is to avoid a permanent criminal record. We can discuss and evaluate your options along with what kind of deals we’ll be able to get for you after reviewing your side of the story and the facts. 

Marijuana Extract and THC Compounds

Any quantity of a concentrated marijuana product, such as wax, dabs, cannabis oils, and more, is classified as a Schedule 2 Penalty Group controlled substance. Possession of any such substance is a felony in any amount. 

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