What Happens If You Get 3 DWIs in Texas?

The punishments for trafficking drugs in Texas can be quite severe. It's critical that you don't delay in getting an experienced drug trafficking defense attorney if you're facing such charges. Chris Denuna has helped several clients get their drug charge sentences reduced or even their cases dismissed by finding the flaws made during arrests and prosecution. 

There are different punishments for drug trafficking in Texas depending on the drug itself and the amount being carried.

Penalties for a 3rd DWI in Texas

Once you get two DUI convictions, your third DWI offense will be a third-degree felony. Out-of-state felonies can be used as a basis for enhancement. All prior convictions will count as well, no matter how old they are. The penalties for a third DWI conviction in Texas are quite serious:

Prison Time

Prison is mandatory for a 3rd DWI conviction in Texas. The maximum sentence is 10 years served in a Texas corrections facility. There is a minimum of 10 days of mandatory jail time, even if probation is granted. Only a skilled DWI defense attorney, such as Chris Denuna, can make the best use of the evidence in your favor to reduce or limit time incarcerated. 


Fines for a third DWI in Texas become exorbitant; the maximum penalty is $10,000 if convicted. However, this fine can be lowered with the help of an experienced DWI attorney nearby working on your case. 

Additional Punishments for a 3rd DWI Conviction in Texas

Magistrate judges can set bail at any amount they decide, and when considering community safety factors and prior convictions, it’s not uncommon for a 3rd DWI to have a bail of over $10,000. Other punishments for a third DWI include: 

  • attending alcohol rehabilitation programs approved by the court

  • sobriety check-ups as determined by a judge

  • permanent license suspension 

Your 3rd DWI Charge is Permanent

Defendants who are convicted of their third DWI charge in Texas will not be able to have their records sealed. Your DWI conviction will be a permanent record for the public gaze, and this will impact how you’re perceived in courtrooms and on background checks for the rest of your life. Juries that hear defendants who have been convicted on three DWI charges are also much less likely to be sympathetic. 

Hire a Reputable DWI Defense Attorney

If you’re looking at the possibility of being convicted for a 3rd DWI, then you know that the consequences are severe. However, an experienced DWI attorney in Texas, like Chris Denuna, will be able to protect your rights and make sure that due process is followed. You’ll want representation in your corner sooner rather than later; the moment you’re under arrest or charged is when your legal case begins building. Denuna Law addresses DWI cases throughout the state with a track record of success. Don’t risk your wealth and freedom with a subpar attorney. You can’t afford to not have superior representation, and choosing Chris Denuna increases the chances of an outcome in your favor. Email or call our law office today for a consultation and to begin building your defense! 

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